Headlines Swipe File

Headlines Swipe File

Write attention grabbing headlines using proven-to-work principles on this swipe file.

What you will find inside this list:

  • Core headline hooks
  • 35 headline ideas
  • 17 irresistible appeals
  • 4 steps to find successful appeals
  • 6 powerful headline words
  • 9 extra tips
  • Headline analysis framework
  • Copywriting learning materials
  • Angles blueprint mind map

Write great copy and you will get sales, write bad copy and you risk losing half of them.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is copy crafted to make people take an action after reading it.

This strategic word placement will help you increase conversions and get more sales!

You are using words to persuade, influence and engage the potential customer.

It’s the art of closing in written words or the ability to turn prospects into buying costumers.

The action a visitor or reader takes after reading might be a click, sale, exchange of information or a sale.

Copywriting is essential for marketing materials such as sales pages, emails, and ads.

Why you need the template

Writing by itself doesn’t always help you get more sales!

To write great copy you need to apply certain principles, which you can forget while in the train of thought.

You also need to have a way of keeping track so that you improve your chances of writing successful copy.

That’s exactly what this template will do for you. All you need to do is pick what you want to use on your headlines and tick the boxes!

You can start with headline types and one or two appeals to come up with a great angle and then continue from there!