About Me

Who cares tho?


How Did I Get Into It

I always had a wierd affection towards tech, computers and especially the internet.

But psychology has always intriged me as well, althoug I never had any official title or graduate.

A while ago a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of blackhat marketing as a way to make money online.

It got me hooked on learning a bunch of stuff about digital marketing.

I never applied blackhat strategies per say, but focused instead on learning more about SEO, PPC, Content and Inbound Marketing.

The internet gave me access to my own little lab.

A place where I could play around, interact with my audience and get data very fast, when compared with traditional media.

The more I read, learned and applied the faster I was learning. Time flies by I ‘m still hooked on it until this day.

Very recently I decided to create my own YouTube channel with a more personal B2C approach.

Creating a channel made me learn video editing and production which a neat skill to have.

Seeing some money coming in from my marketing efforts and affiliate promotions made me look into finances.

But looking at investing didn't made me that interested in it. Exept crypto!

Given my past interests it wasn't impossible to predict that I would end up using grid trading bots.

Today, crypto grid bot are one of the ways I generate part of my income which then helps me grow my portfolio.

Managed to put the somehow organized text which is yet still incomplete… And will be for a long time!