Who Am I

Content creator and marketer with practical experience on lead generation for affiliate offers.

Who Do I Serve

I make content to educate people on digital marketing, cryptocurrency and software.

What I’m Doing

Content Marketing

I make easy-to-follow tutorials and honest reviews. Plus, I give tips on digital marketing and insights into crypto.


I rank content on search engines with a focus on video content.


I write words that make people want to buy.

How Did I Get Into It

I’ve always had a fascination with technology, computers, and the internet. But I’m also passionate about entrepreneurship, media and human behavior, which led me to explore the world of digital marketing.

A while ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of greyhat marketing as a way to make money online. While I never applied those strategies myself, I became hooked on learning more about SEO, PPC, content creation, and inbound marketing.

The internet gave me access to my own little lab, where I could experiment, interact with my audience, and gather data quickly. The more I read, learned, and applied, the faster I grew.

Recently, I decided to create my own YouTube channel to share my knowledge with a more personal approach. Creating a channel taught me video editing and production, which is a valuable skill to have.

As I saw money coming in from my marketing efforts and affiliate promotions, I became interested in finances. However, traditional investing didn’t excite me – except for crypto!

Given my past interests, it’s no surprise that I started using trading automation. Today, trading automation is just one of the ways I generate part of my income, which I then use to grow my portfolio or invest in new equipment.

I believe that my unique value proposition lies in my ability to bridge the gap between digital marketing and finance. I understand that these two fields are often seen as separate entities, but I believe that they are interrelated and can work together to achieve great results.

Tools I’m Using